About Us
As a family owned business, we are
naturally very proud of our roots.

Established in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Othman in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Al Othman Agriculture Production and Processing Company(NADA), is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and distributors of fresh dairy, fresh juice and long life milk and juice products.

We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients in our products and our team of professional employees and food nutritionists ensure that only the best products are delivered to your table. All NADA products are produced in accordance with the internationally recognized HACCP and ISO 9001 standards.

Today you can find our products throughout the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.

Meet our cows

Hard to believe in a desert environment, but we have a herd of 20,000 cows on our
farm and all of our dairy products are made from 100% Fresh Milk. At NADA, we
believe in looking after the welfare of our dairy herd and our cows are given only the
best feed, some of which is grown locally on our farm. This enables us to carefully
monitor and control the quality of our cattle's feed and diet.

So we put in the best to give you the best.