Explore Sri Lanka!

Sri LankaCome with us as we go to the country of Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka. 

An outdoor activity junkie? This is the vacation spot for you!

Sri lanka is an island, therefore, it is only natural for it to be filled with many places providing water activities such surfing, water skiing, diving, deep sea fishing, and more. If this is your passion, then one of the places you must go to is Arugam Bay. The beautiful sandy beach of Arugam Bay is not only a haven for swimmers but also a great venue for other water sports. There you will also find many beach resorts from which to choose from, where most even come with Cabanas on the beach.

If your interests lie within land activities, don’t worry. Sri Lanka has those in abundance as well, ranging from trekking and climbing, to bird watching. For all you climbers, the perfect place to go would be Sigiriya Rock Fortress; the Taj Mahal of Sri Lanka. Here is where frescoes painted on the mirrored walls compete with breathtaking sceneries. At the top of the fortress you will even find a palace filled with a dark history.

But the one activity you can’t go back home without trying, is riding an elephant. Elephants are plenty in Sri Lanka, both wild and tamed. There are elephant rides at the zoo and also at certain touristic places. As for the wild ones, they can even be found in wildlife parks.

Sri Lanka, aptly coined "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" is a touristic treasure beyond compare, giving you whatever your heart desires.