Serenity of the Solomon Islands

websizeWelcome to serenity and peace of mind...welcome to the Solomon Islands.

Today everywhere you turn you find a new fad or trend everyone is swearing is the next best thing, especially with technology. Furthermore, a new gadget or gizmo is either invented or upgraded daily, making everything you just got the hang of obsolete. So, with this life we lead, there are times where a vacation is in order. Not a never-ending whirlwind of rushing adrenaline, but a place where you can just take a cleansing breath and relax. Such a place are the Solomon Islands.

Seemingly untouched by the modern world, the Solomon Islands is your perfect escape. Rich in culture and wildlife, this pristine paradise offers its visitors a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. Though they range geographically from tropical jungles and lush rainforests to waterfalls and volcanoes, they are mostly famous for their coral reefs with tranquil blue lagoons and sun-soaked white sand beaches lined with coconut palms. A sight guaranteed to melt all the stress from your body.

A scuba diving enthusiast? Solomons is renowned for having some of the best diving in the world, the crystal clear waters create the ideal scene for not only diving, but all water based activities; like snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, surfing and big game fishing. However, for an unforgettable diving experience, go to Honiara. Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, overlooks the large lagoon known as “Iron Bottom Sound”. This is the resting place of the many sunken ships and downed aircraft, from the WWII Battle of Guadalcanal. Over time these wrecks have transformed into artificial reefs attracting a variety of corals and marine life, creating the perfect diving scene.

For land based activities, you could go on some unique cultural and historical tours. There are custom villages, cultural shrines, historical WWII sites, and arts and crafts to view. During those tours you will get to see and enjoy the ever-smiling hospitality of the local people and their subsistence village lifestyle retaining many traditional and ancient custom. Want a more scenic tour, you can take rainforest treks to waterfalls, do some bird spotting or even visit a volcano.  

The Solomons are what tropical island daydreams are made of. The type of daydream not populated by money and fame, but by sun-kissed beaches and crystal blue waters stretching to golden sunsets. So, take a load off and let the lazy breeze lull you into the sense of pure and utter bliss.