Experience Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad 200Every city has it’s share of sights, tastes, and history. However, in Hyderabad's nooks and crannies the experience is so much more. 

First, you can’t miss visiting Chudi Bazaar, the bangle market. It offers an astounding variety of bangles in every colour and material; glass, plastic, lacquer, gold, pearls and silver. For lacquer and heavily decorated bangles, check out a shop called 'Fine Bangles', and 'Meena Bangles' for glass ones. Remember, bargain hard!

Located right next to the bazaar, is the famous Charminar. Built in 1591 AD, this global icon of Hyderabad is listed among the most recognized structures of India. It’s four minarets may be imposing by day but they take your breath away when lit up at night. Walk up the rather steep and narrow staircase and enjoy an exciting view of the city.

A history buff in search of more, try visiting the Golconda Fort or Salar Jung Museum. The Golconda Fort, a military structure, once impregnable, welcomes you today to step into it’s massive gates and explore its winding alleys and residential quarters. As for Salar Jung Museum, it is one of the largest one-man-collections in the world. Belonging to the late Hyderabad nobleman, Salar Jung the Third, it homes priceless antiquities from his personal heirlooms to articles reflecting the history of the city. 

If you have time, go to the unique Sudha Cars Museum at Bahadurpura. There you'll see a 150-plus display of fully functioning cars in the shape of burgers, stilettos, computers and much more. It was founded by K Sudhakar, the Guinness World record holder for designing the largest tricycle in the world. 

Last but not least, food, succulent aromatic food. When mentioning Hyderabad, biryani usually springs to mind, but there's lots more. If you want to savour the amazing range of Hyderabadi cuisine, visit Palace Heights on Abids Road. The rooftop restaurant offers an unique view of the old and new quarters of the city on either side, which you could enjoy while waiting for your meal.