When in Greece

Greece-Skiathos IslandThe land of culture and history, the land of beaches and blue waters, the land of mouthwatering cuisine...Welcome to Greece!

Attention all history and culture buffs, we begin our tour in Athens. Here you will find the most famous attractions in Greece, from the Acropolis to the Parliament Building at Syntagma Square. There are also quite a few world class museums in Athens, like the National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Museum. If your are still left wanting more, then try wandering around the ancient agora and visiting the Kallimarmaro stadium, where the ancient Panathenaic Games were held.

Want a break from the busy city and crave some fun in the sun? Then next, we head to the beaches of Greece. You can find plenty of isolated and serene beaches on both the mainland and the Greek Islands. Many tourists and native Greeks head to these beaches to enjoy the refreshing blue waters of the Aegean Sea and take part in exciting water sports. 

Growing a bit hungry? You’re in luck, food in Greece has always been a crowd pleaser with it’s good quality and amazing taste. A blend of older, traditional meals and foreign ingredients and dishes, the Greek diet is partially influenced by Italy, while other pieces of it are influenced by Turkey. Quite a few dishes are common all around the country, however, some are local culinary specialties that can only be found in specific regions. Therefore, while you travel around, try not miss the chance to try as many of the local dishes as you can.