AlMadina AlMunawwarah

AlMadina AlMunawwara This month’s travel destination is visited by faith-driven travelers and Islamic history enthusiasts. AlMadina AlMunawwarah has played a vital role in the spread of Islam to the rest of the world. In the heart of the Hijaz area of Saudi Arabia, AlMadina AlMunawwarah was known for its many names throughout history. It was once called Yathrub, prior to Islam, then Madinat AlNabi (The City of the Prophet) after the arrival of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and today it's known as AlMadinah AlMunawarah (The Enlightened City).

AlMadina AlMunawwarah holds many landmarks, but unlike ancient cities that open their doors to purely touristic visits, many of these landmarks, specifically Mosques, have been renovated and are used to this very day as place of worship. The most popular place would be Masjed AlNabawi (The Prophet’s Mosque), which is considered one of the largest mosques in the world that welcomes more than one million worshippers per prayer. Masjed AlNabawi involves other important landmarks in Islamic history such as the Prophet’s Tomb, Green Dome, and its three doors. It is one of many historical sites in AlMadina AlMunawwarah. 

This city however, is not only known for its mosques and historical sites, AlMadina AlMunawwarah is a cultural city with early anthropological innovations that helped it become a superpower. The King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran, is one of them. Another would be the railroad station which shows the early infrastructure that connects the Hejaz province.

When visiting AlMadina AlMunawwarah, you will be closer to other wonders of the Kingdom, such as Mada’en Saleh and AlUlah. If any wish to travel to either, transportation can always be arranged from AlMadina AlMunawwarah.