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Danyah and Azzoz Milk

Danyah and Azzoz Milk from Nada is now one of the favourite brands of Flavoured Milk in the Middle East. Kids love it because of the great tasting products in 3 flavours (Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana) and of course the charming characters of Danyah and Azzoz. Mothers love it because Danyah & Azzoz Milk contains vitamin "D", protein, calcium and other essential vitamins which help the mental and physical development of their children. Moreover, Danyah & Azzoz  Milk is made from 100% natural cow’s milk, produced at Nada’s Farm and is free of any preservatives and artificial flavours. 

NADA is the official sponsor of Danyah Show Season 2, with 15 new episodes, which will be aired on MBC3 starting on April 4th 2015 and running until 23rd May.


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