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The People Elected Mangolita!

Buam newsNADA’s “Blend Us a Mix” juice and win SR 100,000” competition achieved very positive reaction from consumers and the public in general. The initiative is part of NADA’s desire and strategy to engage with our consumers and to build long term relationships with its current and new consumers.

NADA’s “Blend Us a Mix’ and win SR 100,000 campaign was designed to use the latest trends in  communication, specifically social media and digital platforms. Consumers were invited to take part in the competition by inventing their unique mixtures and sharing them with others through the specially designed NADA-MIX.COM website and the NADA Facebook page.

Some of the key successes of the campaign include;

  1. 25,000 entries received from consumers
  2. Over 1.5 million views of the TV commercials on Youtube

The top 10 mixes with unique names and recipes  chosen by the NADA committee were; “AFRICANO”, “COOL BREEZE”, “GULF BREEZE”, “VANILOUS”, “JUICILICIOUS”, “SUNRISE MIX”, “ZINJABAR”, “MANGOLITA”, “FRULCADO”, and “COCO BERRY”.

The “MANGOLITA”, “AFRICANO” and “GULF BREEZE” mixtures were the top 3 mixes chosen by the consumers during the voting stage and all 3 entered the final stage. The results were announced during the award ceremony in Al-Rashid Mall. Mr. Abdullah Al-Omran, Assistant Managing Director, announced Mona Khayyat as the winner and the grand prize of “SR 100,000”; Nasrin Al-Zaghari, originator of the “AFRICANO” mixture, winner of the second position and a sum of “SR 50,000”; and Badr Al-Ruwaihi, originator of  the “GULF BREEZE” mixture, in third position and a sum of “SR 15,000”.

The event was held to announce the conclusion of the ‘Blend’ competition which ran for three months and gained wide popularity inside and outside the Arab World. This unique initiative by NADA gave the consumer the freedom to invent their own mixture using a variety of ingredients and also gave consumers the opportunity to vote for the mixtures that made it through to the final stage. 

On this occasion, Mr. Ageel Al-Ahmady, NADA Juices Category Manager, said “we have witnessed great participation from the public during the last three months through submissions of mixes and during the voting stage. We believe the cash prizes motivated the public to participate and vote. Aside from the top cash prizes, we also presented cash prizes in thousands of Saudi Riyals to more than 32 participants and voters over 11 weeks of the competition. We thank all the participants whether for their mixtures or votes in this competition. We also thank the officials in Saudi Arabia who gave NADA the opportunity to launch this unique initiative in the region which gave the consumer the freedom to have fun by creating their own mix on the specially designed website application.  We also hope that the competition has met the satisfaction of all consumers and we look forward to launching Mangolita” Mr. Ageel added.