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Votes for Blend Us a Mix Exceed Expectations

Nada Dairy reaches out to its online audience in an unprecedented competition "Blend us a Mix and win SAR 100,000,". The competition opens doors for all participants to share their innovative juice blends prepared from the components of their choice. Participants who win the admiration of the voters get their recipes to on the top ranks. The top ten will be featured in the competition’s official website (www.nada-mix.com) and Nada Dairy’s facebook page (www.facebook.com/nadadairy) open for the public to vote on the best mix in their opinion. The owners of the top three mixes according to the votes will be winning the cash prizes with the grand prize of 100,000 Saudi Riyals, followed by 50,000 and 15,000 Riyals for the second and third place winners respectively.

The glory of winning is not constrained to cash prizes alone, but also knowing that the winning recipe will be mass produced as an official Nada Dairy packaged product that’s sold on shelves of markets regionally. This motive drove more than 25 thousand submissions from participants all over the world to submit recipes and ask for support from family and friends using the means of social networking, as well as linking them to Nada’s competition web page. 

“Nada Dairy is grateful for the audience who took part in Blend Us a Mix” says Aqeel Ahmad Marketing Director of the Fruit Juices Division of Nada Dairy, “Not only the participants but also the voters get the chance to win, with three weekly cash prizes. This allowed Nada to have an active fan base that was synergistic between the recipe owner and voter when exchanging ideas in the realm of juice mixing.” 

With the modern electronic voting system you can now vote for your favorite mix from the following recipe names: Africano, Cool Breeze, Gulf Breeze, Vanilooz, Juicilicious,  Sunrise Mix, Zinjabar, Mangolita, Frulcado, and Cocoberry. The competition is really tight between the ten mixes and each day anyone of them can be taking the lead as per the winner’s involvement. 

For more information or if you wish to vote for your favorite mix be sure to visit the official Nada Dairy website www.nada-mix.com or the facebook page www.facebook.com/nadadairy

Blend Us a Mix Voting