How to Start a Blog?

Starting a BlogWanting to start a blog? 

Well, the best way to start is by getting into the habit of writing, the rest will then follow. For those who are new to the term blogging, a blog is a new age term joining web and log. Blogs are entries filled with your thoughts and beliefs written for your own pleasure and / or public viewing. As bloggers, we all start by talking about general things, only when a comfortable pace is established, do we specialize on certain topics. Don’t feel afraid and let go, so feel free to dabble. 

There are many free options for starting a blog, such as Wordpress or Blogger by Google. You would only need to pay if you would like to have a specific domain names e.g. WhyWeLoveNadaDairy.com.  After choosing, all you need to do is follow these simple steps: 

  1. Don’t worry too much about what your readers want to read or what you should and shouldn’t write about. Just start blogging. 
  2. Find your passion. There are certain topics you will notice yourself gravitating towards. Why not blog about it? Best way to know what it is you could talk about is by asking your friends on what subject they would ask your advice on. Be it technology, fashion, or what are the restaurants to go when looking for a vegetarian menu.  
  3. Start specializing your blog for your desired readers.  Now you have found your niche, why not talk about that particular subject or group of subjects? Who are your readers? What can you share that would be considered helpful to them? Start writing about that. 
  4. Create your personal brand and find your voice. By this stage you are well acquainted with your preferred writing style, where you could add value, and the frequency of your entries. Keep at it. 


Planning on starting your very own blog soon, share with us your thoughts: 

  • If you had a blog, who would be your audience? 
  • What subjects would you want to be considered an opinion leader on?
  • Would you like to be famous from your blog?