Top 10 Homework Phone Applications

Homework_app_200pAfter a nice long relaxing summer, being back to school and studying can be difficult. Make your life easier with these 10 essential phone applications, available for both Apple and Android devices:

  1.  myHomework: MyHomework allows you to quickly organize homework assignments and classes. It includes calendars, color-coded reminders, and the ability to sync to other devices. 
  2. Dictionary.com: This application works off-line when searching words and has a built-in Thesaurus. It also includes audio search and pronunciation, and example sentences.
  3. FlashCards Deluxe: Swipe through virtual cards on your phone to commit important information to memory, with FlashCards Deluxe. It will also helps you learn via intuitive study modes, pictures, and audio recordings.
  4. Pearltrees: Pearltrees is a free, visual and collaborative library that keeps your web bookmarks accessible. Its unique interface lets you organize and retrieve your favorite web pages, photos and notes; even offline.
  5. Khan Academy: This award-winning app gives you access to a library of over 3,200 videos explaining and illustrating everything from advanced mathematical problems to straightforward historical events. The lessons are conducted in simple steps and clear narration. 
  6. TED: An application that will hopefully inspire you onto greater things. The TED app features over 1,000 talks and presentations from some of the world’s most gifted and fascinating people. You can watch online or off, and share your favorite talks with friends.  
  7. iTranslate: iTranslate is an award winning state of the art translation tool that can help you with any language in a second. It is currently available on the market for over 60 Languages. 
  8. Graphing Calculator: It is a merge between your phone's built-in calculator and a traditional graphing one. Along with an expanded scientific calculator, it includes the ability to graph multiple equations and e-mail you the results. 
  9. Documents to Go: This application helps you view or save Microsoft Office files, PDFs and more on your phone, making it a convenient storage place for all your docs. You can also create and format the documents. 
  10. Wikipedia: Fact is, Wikipedia is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled, containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages. So why not have it at your fingertips.