Ten Things to do When You’re Bored

Lifestyle-BoredDid you know that being bored has proven to be an essential motivator for many creative innovations? Doing nothing and lying around all day gives you time to reflect and to even explore. If you’ve reached a point where being idle is driving you up the wall, then here are some things to choose from. 

  1. Learn how to make a website. Everyone these days has a blog or website. If you’re one of them already, then update your posts, if not, then start one.
  2. Organize your closet. If your closet looks like a disaster, now can be the time to reorganize it. Get rid of or donate the clothes you no longer wear, and organize the pieces you want to keep.
  3. Try a new recipe. Instead of settling for what you know, try something foreign or exotic. 
  4. Read a novel. Go out of your comfort zone and try reading genres or themes you don’t typically attempt.
  5. Write your very own short story or poem. Sure, reading is fun, but writing your very own material can be even more so!  
  6. Give yourself a makeover. Whip out the latest fashion magazine, and copy the looks of multiple celebrities, whether it is their latest fashion or makeup adventure. 
  7. Catch up on your favorite series. Watching series can get you hooked. As a result, you’ll never get bored as long as you have the remote control in your hand. 
  8. Create your own comic book. Even if the only thing you can draw are stick figures, this is a chance for you to see how truly creative you can get. 
  9. Take on a new hobby. Have you ever wanted to try or learn something new, but never had the time, well, now you do!
  10. Make a bucket list. Make a list of all things you want to do and accomplish in your life.