Learn how to eat like the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Lifestyle-prophet (web)The Prophet (peace be upon him), a role model to every Muslim, practiced a humble, healthy, and balanced diet. In order to achieve that, you could start by:

  1. Eating Small Portions: Suppress your hunger by filling your stomach with: one-third food, one-third liquids, and one-third air; to breathe. By eating less, you could also prevent sickness and diseases.
  2. Eating Slowly: This makes sure that food is thoroughly chewed to aid your digestion.
  3. Drinking Moderately: Drink your water in 3 sips and take a breath between each drink. Do not drain a glass of liquid in one continuous drought since the pharynx serves as a common passageway for both water and air, and the pathways for these cross.

Eating habits are not only limited to how you eat, it is also how you conduct yourself during meal time. Here are a few table manners the Prophet (peace be upon him) made sure he always followed:

  1. Sit down while you're eating.
  2. Eat socially by sharing your food with relatives, friends, neighbors, the needy and / or destitute.
  3. When hosting serve others first, especially guests. The one serving should be the last person to be served.
  4. After serving, the host is the first to start eating and the last to finish.
  5. Do not leave leftovers on your plate.
  6. Eat with your right hand; your fingertips signal the release of digestive enzymes.
  7. Wash your hands and mouth before and after eating.
  8. When sharing a dish, eat from the corner of the plate closest to you, not the middle or the other side of the dish. 
  9. As a guest be thankful for what is being offered, and don't request for additional items, your host may not have them available.
  10. When eating in a group, if quantities are limited, share from your plate with the others.