Book Club

Train the Brain; Use it or Lose it by Gareth Moore

BookAuthor of several puzzle and brain teaser books, Dr. Gareth Moore gives you “Train the Brain: Use It or Lose It”. This book is presented in a fun and conversational way, guaranteed to satisfy every puzzle addict in need of a new challenge. “Train the Brain” provides a fun and stimulating brain workout that will challenge you while keeping your brain perfectly healthy.

In the introduction, Dr. Moore briefly describes the theory behind brain training. How scientific research has proven that just like the rest of your body, your brain needs exercise as well. Not only that, but it also needs certain daily doses of brain foods and lots of rest to perform its many functions; such as memory, attention, and speed processing. 

A guide on how to use the book follows the brief introduction. Here, you are advised to perform the puzzles in increasing order of difficulty; beginner, intermediate, and then advanced. The reason behind this is to help the reader understand where he or she may need more work. Also, each puzzle is labeled with the corresponding area of the brain that it exercises. 

In “Train the Brain”, Dr. Gareth Moore has developed an enjoyable program of logic and reasoning exercises, simple math tests, and puzzles. Performing a few puzzles per day is all the exercise necessary for brain improvement. However, don’t avoid puzzles just because they are difficult. It is important to attempt it and work it through. Exercising the brain muscle will only make it stronger.

  • Read the book and share your thoughts:
  • What brain training do you think will benefit you the most?
  • What exercises might you excel in? 
  • If these exercises help, would you keep doing them?