Book Club

Relationships 101 by John C Maxwell

relationships-101 (200p)How does one best connect with people and build lasting working relationships to keep their team operating efficiently? What is the secret? In Relationships 101, John Maxwell teaches you just that.

Relationships can either make or break a leader. And because we don’t really understand the ins and outs of a relationship, we tend to take them for granted, and we don’t always give them the attention they deserve or require. Good relationships need a lot of effort, you have to consciously put effort into your relationships with others.

John Maxwell understands this and tries to help leaders not only survive in their relationships but thrive as well. For they are what allow a team to function with greater effectiveness, without them, it will quickly fall apart.

This book helps us gain a basic understanding of leadership being a relationship-intensive endeavor. If your people skills aren't strong and people aren't following you; then you're not really leading. In Relationships 101, Maxwell provides time-tested principles on how to develop healthy relationships with others, such as:

  • Put others before yourself, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  • Resolve any wrongs made to you or by you quickly and move beyond it. If insignificant, forget about it and move on.
  • Prioritize your relational energy. Don’t spend it all at work; keep some for your family back home.
  • Serve and help others cheerfully and willingly.
  • Be sure to express love and appreciation often.
  • For a solid relationship to take place there must be respect, shared experiences, trust, and mutual enjoyment.
  • Always try to understand other people and place yourself in their shoes.
  • Serving your team does not make you any less of a leader.
  • The best way to help people improve is by seeing the best in them.

In the end, the power of relationships is discovered when people truly grasp the nature of relationships and understand how relationships are formed. So remember, great leadership can only develop from great relationships.