Book Club

100 Ways to Motivate Others by Steve Chandler

January Book -200x313Steve Chandler’s “100 Ways to Motivate Others” is a new and revolutionary take on how to be the great leader you have always wanted to be, but broken down into 100 easy pieces.

Throughout ones life, everyone has had that one person who knew exactly what to say or do to push them into changing how they think, work or even live their life for the better. That ability to motivate and inspire is a gift found in very few people. It is what differentiates the true leaders from others who think that motivation is done through downloading their anxiety onto others. Ever wished to be the former rather than the latter? Here is your chance.

“100 Ways to Motivate Others” is an accessible, inspirational, user-friendly guide for upper management, professionals, and those aspiring to reach that level. Here you will find numerous breakthrough concepts such as: "Don't manage people, manage agreements" and "To motivate your people, first just relax"; all tried-and-proven ways that will inspire success in not only the people you lead but in yourself as well. Moreover, it will transform you from a person of ideas and dreams to a person of action and reality. 

In this book many myths are disproved. First, multitasking is not a strength. Dividing your attention onto more that one thing will only assure that something will fall through the cracks. Second, we don't "have" self-discipline, we use it. And lastly, you don't have too much to do; you have one thing to do, and that's the thing you have chosen to do right now.

Finally, in order to truly start motivating others, you need to understand that as the leader, should there ever be a problem, you are it. Why? It is you who is guiding the people under you, and it is under your guidance that this problem occurred. Once you truly get that and you’ve learned to motivate yourself, only then will you learn:

  • To slow down and enjoy a new level of focus
  • Keep life simple and head straightforward towards the goal
  • The power of building on your peoples’ strengths
  • To avoid obsessing over people’s weaknesses