Book Club

Trusting Yourself by M.J. Ryan

AprilAm I satisfied with my life? Is this road the one I want to take? 

There comes a point in everyone's life where such questions are pondered. Every day we are bombarded with expectations from loved ones, our surroundings, and the media. It sometimes seems as though everything about us is dissected and measured, right down to what we eat. We are constantly overwhelmed by how to achieve this "ideal" life, as a result, doors of self-doubt are opened. M.J. Ryan says in his book, Trusting Yourself, that the best decisions made for us, is by us, for only we truly know our life experiences and inner strengths.

Pushing the critics aside and trusting yourself is never easy.  Ryan explains that by learning what is right for us, we first need to explore our inner feelings and nurture the trust we have in our-selves. It is only through trial and error that we come to realize our unique and individual attributes. We also have to keep in mind that our decisions need to be done considering what’s best for us.  By taking that path, your trust in yourself will grow, your worries will shrink, and you’ll find happiness and success with less pressure.

Trusting Yourself teaches us on how to be happy with what we already have, and gives us the confidence to fortify the decisions we make. By realizing our talents and accepting our shortcomings, we can make sound decisions that would bring us great fulfillment.

Read the book and share your thoughts:

  • How can the advice offered by M.J. Ryan affect your life?
  • Do you think that reading this book could help you make better life decisions?
  • What decisions have you backed out on but wished you trusted yourself to take the leap?