Book Club

Take a Nap! Change Your Life by Sara Mednick

Take a nap(small)In her book, “Take a Nap! Change Your Life” Sara C. Mednick teaches us that to everything there is a science, even napping.

Ever wish for a miracle product that can help you with problem solving, memory strengthening, motor skills, alertness, creativity, stress reduction, and accuracy? One that can also enable you to make better decisions, and keep your mind and body healthier and younger? Well, you are in luck, such a thing does exist. It, ladies and gentlemen, is a nap. 

Now, I know what all of you are thinking. “A nap?! But I do take naps. Why am I not feeling any of those benefits you just listed?” That is due to the fact that there is a right time to everything, especially naps. A nap at the right time can give you endless benefits, while one at the wrong time can cause you more damage than help. 

In "Take a Nap! Change Your Life" Dr. Sara Mednick proves that without a midday rest, people are not able to perform at optimal levels, on the contrary, their performance actually falls apart. This is proven through her various studies regarding the five stages of the sleep cycle, particularly Stage Two, Slow Wave Sleep, and REM. And it is only when she was able to determine the benefits each one provides that the true science behind naps came to place. 

Throughout the book, the chapters teach you how to assess your tiredness and set up a personal sleep profile. The unique Nap Wheel on the cover and interior graphs and charts, demonstrate exactly when your optimum napping time is, and exactly how long you should try to sleep. Furthermore, if you want to improve one part of your self over the other, the book explains how it's even possible to design a nap to inspire creativity one day, and strengthen memory the next. There are also tips on how to create the right nap environment, a 16-step technique for falling asleep, a six-week napping workbook, and much more.

Get to know your own sleep and get the most out of it! Take that great step towards a healthy, productive, balanced life.