Book Club

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

MayGrowing up we quickly learn to identify the difference between book smarts and street smarts. The first gives you the capability to tolerate learning new information while the later allows you an easier time making new friendships. Academic systems may reward those with higher grades, however, life rewards those networking individuals because they are the ones that appreciate both minds; the rational and emotional.  

In Daniel Goleman’s book the Emotional Intelligence, it is proven that IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, alone can’t guarantee success and happiness.  According to Goleman, what truly gives us that edge in our careers and personal lives are five crucial skills:

Self-Awareness: Understanding who we are, our moods, emotions, and drives.

Self-Regulation: How we control our impulses and learn to think before we act.

Internal Motivation: Knowing what we are passionate about or unveiling drives our lives besides status or money.

Empathy: Understanding other's emotional make-up, like knowing what might be a favorable topic to talk about or avoiding certain sensitivities.

Social Skills: Managing relationships and building networks by finding common ground and building rapport with others. 

Read the book and share your thoughts:

  • Would you say that you have a good balance between the emotional and the rational side to your personality?
  • How can Emotional Intelligence be helpful for you or for a friend?
  • Could you see Emotional Intelligence being taught at schools? How would it affect future generations?